AuM, Lending Stock

by Tableau



The Tableau Accelerator for AuM, Lending Stock gives you a jumpstart to getting data-driven insights into your CAL (client assets and liabilities) balance, including top contributors to NNM and NNL. Portfolio managers can use this Accelerator to better understand your volume of AuM, lending stock, NNM, and NNL.

AuM (assets) and NNM are defined in Accelerator “AuM (Assets under Management)”. Lending stock (liabilities) represents the volume of loans granted by the bank to its customers. NNL (net new lending) refers to the net evolution of lending stock from one period to another.

Answer key business questions

  • What is our volume of AuM?
  • What is our volume of lending stock?
  • What is the volume of NNM? Who are our top contributors?
  • What is the volume of NNL? Who are our top contributors?
  • What is the composition of our client base?
  • How many clients did we acquire, and what was the impact on our NNM?
  • How many clients did we lose, and what was the impact on our NNM?

Monitor and improve KPIs

  • Total AuM
  • Total Inflows
  • Total Outflows
  • NNM (Net New Money)
  • Total Market Effect
  • Total Lending Stock
  • Total Inflows (Lending)
  • Total Outflows (Lending)
  • Nb of Clients
  • Lost Clients
  • New Clients
  • Nb of RMs
  • NNL (Net New Lending)
  • Total CAL
  • AuM per Client
  • AuM per RM
  • NNM per Client
  • NNM per RM
  • Accounts per Client

Required attributes

  • Month (date)
  • Business Line (string)
  • Relationship Manager (string)
  • Client (string)
  • Mandate (string)
  • Inflows (numeric)
  • Outflows (numeric)
  • Market Effect (numeric)
  • AuM (numeric)
  • Inflows (Lending) (numeric)
  • Outflows (Lending) (numeric)
  • Lending Stock (numeric)

Partners of Choice

Our top consulting Partners may be able to help you customize this Accelerator for your own business needs.

  • InterWorks - Tableau expertise from 8X Partner of the Year
  • IBM - Global Salesforce and Business Expertise
  • USEReady - Global team of modernization and analytics experts focused on Financial Services
  • Atrium - Regional Partner helps you make better decisions with CRM, AI, and Analytics
  • CoEnterprise - Deep Customer and Vendor insights with Tableau
  • Lovelytics - Data viz experts provide data strategy solutions and focus on Financial Services and Retail.

Tech Specifications

Supported Layouts

Works with

Tableau 2018.2 and later

Security and Legal