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Design Auditor

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Description Have you felt disillusioned with slow dashboard performance and are unsure how to begin improving it? You are not alone, and to help, Tableau Professional Services have developed the Design Auditor. Using Tableau’s metadata API and custom python script, the auditor grades your Tableau dashboards along 12+ performance best practices and feeds the data here. With access to this accelerator, users are then empowered with their dashboards’ current load times, trends over time, comparisons to peers, and most importantly, suggested design improvements to continue optimizing speed. These insights can be scaled at your organization to encourage user ownership of content performance and to create a faster Tableau deployment for everyone.   If this resonates, reach out to your Tableau account team to inquire about the Design Auditor, and make dashboard load times a challenge to overcome, rather than a mysterious antagonist.

Answer Key Business Questions

  • What is the average load time for dashboards on my server?
  • How do load times differ by site, project or owner?
  • Which dashboards should we prioritize optimizing based on the number of requests and the average load times?
  • What design best practices should I prioritize on my dashboard to improve load times?

Required Data  This accelerator requires the installation of Design Auditor on your deployment. Reach out to your Tableau Account Team for more information.


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