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Production Scraps

by Tableau

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This Tableau Accelerator allows you to reduce the impact of scraps on your production line. It shows production scraps along two perspectives:

  • Management Perspective: Who should take corrective actions?
    • by Plant
    • by Work Center
  • Operational Perspective: Where must we focus our efforts to maximize impacts?
    • by Scrap Reason
    • by Material Category
    • by Material

Reduce overall production costs and improve productivity:

  • Identify top offenders
  • Identify top emerging scraps
  • Pinpoint top root causes of scraps
  • Assess impact of past actions

Answer key business questions

  • How are we affected by scraps?
  • What are the top scrap reasons?
  • What are the top offenders?
  • Which materials drive scraps?
  • How do scraps evolve by scrap reason?

Monitor and improve KPIs


  • Total Produced Cost: Value of materials produced [excluding scrapped materials] (expressed in currency)
  • Total Processed Cost: Value of materials processed [scrapped or produced] (expressed in currency)


  • Total Scrap Cost: Value of scrapped materials (expressed in currency)
  • Scrap Rate: Share of scrapped materials value on total processed materials (expressed in %)

Required attributes

  • Date (date): Date
  • Plant (string): Plant name
  • Work Center (string): Work center name
  • Material Category (string): Material category, material type...
  • Material (string): Material, Item...
  • Scrap Reason (string): Scrap reason, Defect type....
  • Scrap Cost (numeric): Value of scrapped materials
  • Produced Cost (numeric): Value of produced materials (excluding scrapped materials)