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The Tableau Accelerator for Admissions gives you a jumpstart to data-driven insights on your admissions process. Academic institutions can use this Accelerator to better understand school enrollment trends to help them plan for future growth.

In the academic world, “admissions” is the process by which the university/management school recruits new students. This process usually happens in three steps:

  1. Application: candidates submit their application
  2. Acceptance: after a selection process, applicants are notified of their acceptance or rejection
  3. Enrollment: when the candidate accept their admission, they are considered as enrolled students

Yield Rate is the share of enrolled students compared to admitted applicants. It generally measures the attractivity of an institution.

Answer key business questions

  • Are we able to generate new applications?
  • What proportion of applicants choose to enroll after being offered admission?
  • What are the top intakes and programs and what is their impact on the total enrollment?
  • How fast are we able to recruit students?
  • How attractive are we compared to the competition?

Monitor and improve KPIs

  • Applications
  • Invalid Applications
  • Valid Applications
  • Withdrawn
  • Applications Under Review
  • Evaluated Applications
  • Rejected
  • Admitted (total)
  • Lost
  • Enrolled
  • Admitted
  • Applicants
  • Enrolled+Lost
  • All Applicants
  • Applicant Age
  • Withdrawn %
  • Acceptance Rate
  • Yield Rate
  • Applications per Applicant

Required attributes

  • Academic Period (string)
  • Academy (string)
  • Program / Section (string)
  • Application Period Start Date (date)
  • Application Period End Date (date)
  • Application Date (date)
  • Applicant Id (string)
  • Valid Application Flag (string) ← Expected values: "Y", "N"
  • Application Status (string) ← Last application status. Expected values: "Under Review", "Withdrawn" (before Admitted/Reject assessment), "Admitted", "Rejected", "Enrolled", "Lost" (the admitted applicant denied joining)

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