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Insurance Underwriter Scorecard

by CoEnterprise


The Accelerator for Underwriter Performance evaluates underwriters' risk assessing abilities and efficiencies so you can understand the profitability of your business. These insights will enable you to ensure compliance, reduce risk, and provide an unmatched customer experience. With this Accelerator, you will be able to - Evaluate the risk assessment efficiency of Underwriter vs Automated Underwriting System - View the Combined Ratio & Incurred Claims over a Line of Business - Easily compare Hit Ratio Vs Decline Rate - Drill down to Broker-Underwriter-Policy level detail

Answer Key Business Questions

  • What is our hit ratio? What is the declination ratio?
  • What is conversion rate?
  • What's the average underwriting cycle time?
  • What is our volume of gross written premium?
  • How many policies have we issued, and what's the average cost per policy?
  • What are the incurred claims versus GWP by product family?
  • What is our hit ratio versus decline rate?
  • Which underwriters are performing well, and which are not?
  • What is our AUS risk assessment, and what are the relative risk levels of the underwriters?

Monitor and Improve KPIs

  •  HIT Ratio
  •  Declination Ratio
  •  Conversion Rate
  •  Average Underwriting Cycle Time
  •  Gross Written Premiums
  •  Average Cost per Policy
  •  Number of Policies
  •  NILR (Net Incurred Loss Ratio)
  •  Combined Ratio
  •  Underwriter Risk Score

Required Data Attributes

  •  Underwriter Risk Score
  •  Hit Ratio
  •  Declination Ratio
  •  Conversion Rate
  •  Underwriting Cycle Time
  •  Gross Written Premiums
  •  Policy Inception Date
  •  Costs
  •  Policy ID
  •  Broker
  •  Underwriter
  •  Product Family
  •  Product
  •  Combined Ratio
  •  Incurred Claims
  •  AUS Risk Assessment Score
  •  Underwriter Risk Score
  •  AUS Declined


Supports data mapping


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