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Runaway Queries on Snowflake

by CoEnterprise


The Accelerator for Runaway Snowflake Queries identifies the frequency, cost, and location of runaway queries. The accompanying Slack integration that CoEnterprise provides also notifies users when there are suspicious, stealth, runaway queries so they can act immediately and stop them.

With RunAway, users can explore their environment’s long-running queries in Tableau, set up Slack alerts, and collaborate with query owners to guard against wasteful cloud expenditures. This Accelerator helps identify the frequency, cost, and location of queries.

Get in touch with CoEnterprise to learn about their Snowflake expertise, as well as their paid integration for Runaway with Slack.

Key Business Questions

  • What is the spend by warehouse size?
  • Which queries are executing, and which are runaway queries that are costing us more money than we had planned?
  • Where are runaway queries?
  • What are the query outcomes by databases?

Monitor and Improve KPIs

  • Number of runaway queries
  • Amount spent on runaway queries

Connect to Your Snowflake Schema

Instructions are included in the workbook.


Connects to Snowflake


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