Salesforce Admin Insights

by Tableau



Salesforce Admin Insights

As Salesforce Admins you have many jobs including monitoring and reporting out on the health and adoption of your Salesforce Org. With this Accelerator in a few clicks you will have Data Driven Dashboards ready for use.

Included in this Accelerator are three Admin Insight Dashboards with different focus and goals:

Salesforce Admin Insights – Org View

Overall Health and Activity at the Org Level looking at trends such as numbers of Distinct Users, Stale Users, Time of Day, and Geo Adoption.

Sales Admin Insights – Access View

A Security focused dashboard looking for users who login from the wrong location, with the wrong browser or app access.

Getting Started

To get started just download the workbook and click the Data Source tab and sync with your Salesforce Credentials and in minutes you will see your insights!

Tech Specifications

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Supported Layouts

Works with

Tableau 2019.4 and later

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