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Motor Vehicle Incident & Crash Metrics

by Tableau


The Tableau Accelerator for Crash Data gives you a jumpstart on data-driven insights about Crashes within your state. State and County Police and Department of Transportations can use this Accelerator to better understand incidents in their area and improve their ability to meet citizen expectations.

Answer Key Business Questions

  • Where do the incidents occur?
  • When are the most likely times for an incident?
  • What is the outcome (Fatality, injury, etc.) of these incidents?
  • Are there contributing factors to these incidents?

Monitor and Improve KPIs

  • Total count of incidents
  • Location of incidents
  • Outcome of incident (fatality, injury, etc.)
  • Types of incidents

Required Attributes

  • Incident # (string)
  • Incident Date Time (datetime)
  • Incident Type ← sample values: "Fatality","Injury","Property Damage" etc.
  • Incident County (string)
  • Incident State (string)
  • Incident Latitude (numeric)
  • Incident Longitude (numeric)
  • Incident Report Type (string)
  • Lane description (string)
  • Reporting agency (string)
  • Was there a fatality (0 or 1) (numeric)
  • Was there an injury (0 or 1) (numeric)
  • Was there property damage (0 or 1) (numeric)
  • Was there no damage (0 or 1) (numeric)


Supports data mapping


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