Salesforce Service Cloud Voice Call

by Tableau



The Tableau Accelerator for Salesforce Service Cloud Voice Call gives you a jumpstart to getting data-driven insights to improve call center performance. Service leaders and call center managers can get complete visibility into call center performance to better understand their agents’ ability to field incoming calls and improve the overall level of service provided to customers.

Answer key business questions

  • How many incoming calls do we handle?
  • How many incoming calls do we handle per day on average?
  • How many calls were abandoned?
  • How many calls were answered?
  • How long do callers wait before hanging up?
  • How long do callers wait before having their call answered?

Monitor and improve KPIs

  • Total Incoming Calls
  • Total Abandoned Calls
  • Avg Wait Time
  • Avg Wait Time until Answer
  • Avg Wait Time until Abandon
  • Avg Talk Time
  • Nb of Agents
  • Total Answered Calls
  • Abandoned Calls %
  • Incoming Calls per Agent
  • Answered Calls per Agent
  • Calls per Customer
  • Answered Calls %
  • Incoming Calls (Daily)

Required attributes

  • Call # (string)
  • Call Date Time (date)
  • Abandon Flag (string)
  • Customer (string)
  • Agent (string)
  • Call Reason (string)
  • Wait Time (s) (numeric)
  • Talk Time (s) (numeric)

Understand the Data Model Requirements

The Accelerator shows data from these objects:

  • Voice Call
  • User

Partners of Choice

Our top consulting Partners may be able to help you customize this Accelerator for your own business needs.

United States / Canada

  • InterWorks - Tableau expertise from 8X Partner of the Year
  • IBM - Global Salesforce and Business Expertise
  • CoEnterprise - Deep Customer and Vendor insights with Tableau

Latin America

  • TSoft Latam - Regional Partner that helps you drive business digital transformation through Data Analytics

Tech Specifications

Connection Type


Supported Layouts

Works with

Tableau 2019.4 and later

Security and Legal