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Customer Support Analysis from ServiceCloud

by Visualitics


The Accelerator for Customer Support Requests allows you to monitor the management of service requests opened by your customers. This report is rich in indicators and allows you to keep track of ticket management from several perspectives.

This Accelerator connects natively to ServiceCloud; the schema used here have not been customized; you can connect to your own schema by right-clicking the data source and selecting "edit", and then entering your own credentials. Any field in the standard schema that don't have the exact same name in your own instance will show up as red, with an error message, and if you right-click on them and select "Replace References," you can map to the corollary field in your own data source.

Visualitics is a Salesforce Partner in Europe, and you can connect directly with them here.

Answer Key Business Questions

How many tickets are open? What is the closing time? What is the response time? How compliant are we with the SLA? What’s the breakdown of tickets by priority? What’s the breakdown of tickets by type? What’s the breakdown of tickets by channel?

Monitor and Improve KPIs

Number of cases Average resolution time Average responsive time SLA compliance percentage Number of cases by priority Number of cases by type Number of cases by channel Number of cases by team

Required Attributes

This Accelerator connects directly to ServiceCloud; right-click the data source and click [Edit] to be prompted to enter your own credentials. If any of the standard fields doesn't map to your own, it will appear with an error, and you can map it to your own, customized field by right-clicking on it.

Case Number (string) Priority (string) Case Type (string) Date Opened (date & time) Date Closed (date & time) Response time (mins) (integer) SLA Compliant (boolean) Case Origin (string) Alias (string) Status (string) Subject (string) Contact Email (string)


Connects to Salesforce


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