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Call Center

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The Tableau Call Center Accelerator gives you a jumpstart to getting data-driven insights into your call center’s performance. Service leaders can use this Accelerator to better understand their agents' ability to field incoming calls and take a deep dive into the overall level of service provided to customers. Use this Accelerator to:

  • Get a clear view of your call center performance
  • Have a clear idea of the level of service offered to your customers and their satisfaction
  • Identify your top performing agents
  • Understand the impact of seasonality and keep more agents available during these periods

Answer key business questions

  • How many incoming calls do we handle?
  • How many calls were answered/abandoned?
  • How long do callers wait before hanging up?
  • How long do callers wait before having their call answered?
  • Which level of service do we deliver to our customers? How satisfied are they?

Monitor and improve KPIs

  • Total Incoming Calls
  • Total Abandoned Calls
  • Avg Wait Time
  • Avg Wait Time until Answer
  • Avg Wait Time until Abandon
  • Avg Talk Time
  • Nb of Agents
  • Total Answered Calls
  • Abandoned Calls %
  • Incoming Calls per Agent
  • Answered Calls per Agent
  • Calls per Customer
  • Answered Calls %
  • Incoming Calls (Daily)
  • AHT - Average Handle Time
  • FCR - First Contact Resolution
  • FCR - First Contact Resolution %
  • CSAT - Customer Satisfaction

Required attributes

  • Call # (string)
  • Call Date Time (date)
  • Abandon Flag (string) ← expected values: 'Y', 'N'. 'Y' means the call was abandoned.
  • First Contact Resolution Flag (string) ← expected values: 'Y', 'N'. 'Y' means the issue was solved after the first contact.
  • Customer (string)
  • Agent (string)
  • Call Reason (string)
  • Inquiry # (string)
  • Wait Time (s) (numeric)
  • Talk Time (s) (numeric)
  • Handle Time (s) (numeric)
  • Customer Satisfaction (numeric)

Tech Specifications

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