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The Tableau Accelerator for Inventory provides in-depth analysis to optimize your Inventory and reduce risks:

  • Assess the status of your inventory
    • Stock status: stock-out, below safety stock, at stock, over stock
    • Inventory Value: Total Value, Excess-stock value, Missing-stock amount
    • Deep-dive to Warehouse level, Item Level
  • Assess availability of items
    • Actual stock, Location
    • Forecasted stock, inflows, outflows
  • Reduce risks
    • Identify items that are out of stock or below the safety stock limit
    • Assess how much money is needed to replenish the inventory
    • Pinpoint over-stock items and reduce the risk of dead stock
  • Optimize your Stock Coverage
    • Automation of the replenishment process
    • Buffer stocks
    • Inventory controls

Answer key business questions

  • What is the value of our inventory?
  • Which items are stock-out? Below safety stock?
  • Which positions must be refilled? What would it cost?
  • Which items are in excess stock?

Monitor and improve KPIs

  • On-Hand Quantity (SKU)
  • Total Stock Positions
  • Inventory Value
  • At-Stock Positions (# and %)
  • Missing-Stock Value
  • Missing-Stock Positions (# and %)
  • Out-of-Stock Positions (# and %)
  • Below Safety Stock Positions (# and %)
  • Excess-Stock Value ($ and %)
  • Over-Stock Positions ($ and %)

Required attributes

  • Inventory Date (date)
  • Warehouse (string)
  • Warehouse Country (string)
  • Warehouse Latitude (numeric)
  • Warehouse Longitude (numeric)
  • Item Family (string)
  • Item (string)
  • Unit of measure (string)
  • On-Hand Quantity (numeric)
  • Unit Value (numeric)
  • Safety Stock Threshold Quantity (numeric)
  • Over Stock Threshold Quantity (numeric)
  • Inflow Quantity (numeric)
  • Outflow Quantity (numeric)

Tech Specifications

Supported Layouts

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