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Sales Pipeline

by Devoteam


The Accelerator for Sales Pipeline provides valuable insights into the opportunities in the pipeline for sales personnel, executives, and account owners. The users can perform analyses on pipeline KPIs as well as performance based on country, account, or sales representative level. With intuitive charts and filters, users can identify high-value opportunities, monitor performance across countries and accounts, and assess the effectiveness of sales representatives. The dashboard empowers users to drive pipeline growth, improve sales forecasting, and enhance sales strategy based on actionable insights. The dashboard is highly compatible with Salesforce data and built by principles from this platform. The dashboard can also easily be transformed into a project pipeline for internal projects or similar.

Answers Key Business Questions

  • What is the overall value and weighted value of our pipeline?
  • How are our sales representatives performing?
  • What projects are we expecting to win?
  • What is the distribution of pipeline value across different countries?
  • What accounts contribute the most to the pipeline value
  • What is the stage-wise distribution of opportunities in the pipeline?

Monitor & Improve KPIs

  • Value of full pipeline
  • Value of weighted pipeline
  • Number of opportunities in pipeline
  • Performance

Required Data Attributes

  • Signing value (Numeric)
  • Weighted value (Numeric)
  • Opportunity ID (String)
  • Stages in pipeline (String)
  • Country (String)
  • Account (String)
  • Sales representative (String)



Supports data mapping


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