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Equipment Productivity

by Keyrus


The Equipment Productivity Accelerator provides plant managers and executives with insights into the value that each facility provides to their business.

In addition to key financial metrics like operating revenue, contribution margin, and overall efficiency, leaders can understand how effectively each machine is operating—and the impact to their overall business when it's idle or out of service.

Keyrus' short video shows you how to use this Accelerator, and you can connect with their experts to learn more.

Answers Key Business Questions

  • How much revenue is this facility producing, and what are the variable costs?
  • When machines are idle or break down, who's operating them, and what is the implication for the business?
  • How much profit does this facility contribute for each minute that it is operating?
  • How many machines are operating in the facility?
  • How much coolant is used, and how well is the facility performing to plan?
  • What percentage of the time is the facility idle?
  • How much productivity is lost to human error?
  • How many parts are being manufactured?
  • How well are machine operators performing, and where do we have risks?
  • When machines are idle, who's operating them, and what is the implication for the business?

Monitor and Improve KPIs

  • Number of Parts
  • Delta to Plan
  • Coolant used
  • RPM
  • Operating revenue
  • Variable costs
  • Contribution Margin
  • Efficiency
  • Contribution Margin per minute
  • Idle Time
  • Fault Time

Required Attributes

  • Machine Number (string)
  • Operator (string)
  • Part (string)
  • Start (datetime)
  • Stop (datetime)
  • Coolant Pumped (L) (int)
  • Daily Target (int)
  • Design Cost (int)
  • Downtime (mins) (int)
  • Fault Duration (mins) (int)
  • Material Cost (int)
  • Operating Cost (int)
  • Parts Produced (int)
  • Price of Part (int)
  • Production Duration (int)
  • RPM (int)


Supports data mapping


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