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Non-Profit Donations

by Keyrus


The Accelerator for Non-Profit Donations shows foundation donations and donor fluctuations between the current year and the previous year. Executives can understand the outcomes of their fundraising investments and programs with a clear view into donations by fundraising/spend type, donor demographic, and outreach type.

Keyrus' short video shows you how to use this Accelerator, and you can connect directly with their experts to learn more.

Answer Key Business Questions

  • How have donor acquisition and giving rates changed since the previous year?
  • What are the outcomes of our fundraising and campaign investments? Where do we see the most ROI?
  • Which states are increasing their donations?
  • What demographic of donors are increasing gifts, and which are attriting?

Monitor and Improve KPIs

  • Donors Count YOY
  • Donation Amount YOY
  • AVG Per Donor Amount
  • Lost Donors

Required Attributes

  • Donations Count (integer)
  • Date (date)
  • Donation (integer)
  • Customer (string)
  • Sector (string)
  • State (string)
  • State Abbr (string)
  • Total State Donation Previous
  • Year (real)
  • Total State Donation CY (real)
  • Wealth Rating (integer)


Supports data mapping


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