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Warranty Claims Analytics

by Wipro


Fraudulent warranty claims are a major source of exposure for manufacturers, and Wipro's Accelerator for Warranty Claims Fraud helps manufacturers to understand which of their products are failing, why, and what kinds of repeated problems are causing problems for customers. This Accelerator also shows which dealers or retailers are making the most warranty claims, which are duplicates, and which claims are at risk for fraud. Wipro created this Accelerator based on real-world customer needs, and you can connect with them here to find out about their analytics capabilities and how they use AI/ML and visualization together to help customers make proactive decisions about their business.

Answer Key Business Questions

  • What's the cost of warranty claims filed?
  • Which dealers have filed claims?
  • How many claims have been filed by model?
  • How many fraudulent claims have been filed, and what's the dollar amount of those?
  • Which dealers and models are most likely to have fraudulent claims?
  • How many warranty claims have been made within the first three months of ownership, and how many claims are made by distance driven?

Monitor and Improve KPIs

Claim Analysis

  • Total Warranty Claims
  • Warranty Claim Cost
  • Geo wise claims by dealer
  • Model wise claim distribution

Fraud claim risk indicator

  • Dollars lost due to Fraud claim
  • Top 5 dealers by most Fraud claims
  • Claims distribution
  • Dealers geo distribution by risk category


Supports data mapping


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