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Customer Insights with CDP

by Keyrus


The Accelerator for Customer Insights integrates standard Data Cloud objects with enriched, custom data objects to show you the "Art of the Possible" with customer data: this Accelerator shows the type of engagement most effective for each customer segment in order to inform decisions in near-real time. You can see how media engagement, revenue, and customer lifetime value are driven by customers broken down into demographic and customer segments, and you can drill into individual customer details to make actionable decisions.

Keyrus is a global Salesforce Partner, and they've built this Accelerator to make it as easy as possible for you to see and understand your customer data. Check out their video, or connect directly with them to learn more.

Answer Key Business Questions

  • Which geographies have the most customers?
  • Which customer segments have the most customers, and how has that changed YoY?
  • Which age groups have the most customers, and how has that changed YoY?
  • How does average revenue compare to the average number of products ordered by customer segment?
  • How much time does each customer segment spend browsing online, and how does that compare to revenue generated?
  • What are the order revenue and page browsing time of individuals within each customer segment?
  • Which campaigns drive the most page visits and revenue, and how does that vary over time and by segment?

Monitor and Improve KPIs

  • Average revenue by customer segment
  • Total revenue by individual customer
  • Average number of products ordered by customer segment
  • Average customer lifetime value
  • Average order quantity
  • Total number of campaigns
  • Average campaign browsing time by customer segment
  • Total campaign browsing time by individual customer
  • Total customers by state, age, and customer segment
  • Total number of page visits by customer segment and interest

Data Strategy

This Accelerator connects natively to Data Cloud. Keyrus has joined imported data from Amazon S3 buckets in Data Cloud to create a data extract. Data Cloud helps overcome common challenges to looking at one view of your customers by enabling you to connect data sources that are native to Salesforce with data sources that are external. Schemas include

  • Campaign
  • Sale
  • Person
  • Person Address
  • Person Email
  • Person Phone
  • Person Session Analytics

Required Data Attributes

  • Customer Count (Number - whole)
  • Customer Count Delta YoY (%) (Number - decimal)
  • Avg LTV Per Customer (Number - decimal)
  • Avg Revenue Per Customer (Number - decimal)
  • Avg Product Qty (Number - whole)
  • # of Campaigns (Number – whole)
  • Avg Product Qty Per Customer (Number - decimal)
  • Avg Order Total (Number – decimal)
  • RFM Segment (string)
  • Campaign Source (string)
  • Avg Page Browsing / Segment (number - decimal)
  • Person Province (geographic)
  • Person Age (bin) (string)
  • Customer Name (string)
  • Gender (string)
  • New Customer? (string)
  • Last Order Date (date)
  • Page Visits (number – whole)
  • Sales Attributable (number – decimal)
  • Page Interest (string)
  • Campaign End Date (date)


Connects to Salesforce Data Cloud