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The Tableau Accelerator for ESG gives you a jumpstart to data-driven insights for ESG (Environment/Social/Governance) indicators. Stakeholders and investors can use this Accelerator to better understand how these indicators evolve over time and compare companies in the same sector to help gain transparency on ESG.

Answer key business questions

  • Where do we stand on Environment/Social/Governance subjects?
  • Where do we stand regarding CO2 Emissions?
  • How many companies have at least one Social Policy?
  • What is the share of women on the Boards of Companies?
  • How does my Company perform compared to other companies in the same industry?

Monitor and improve KPIs

  • ESG Score
  • CO2 Emissions per Sales
  • Energy Consumption per Sales
  • Women in Management %
  • Women on Board %
  • Waste per Sales
  • Total Market Cap
  • Nb Companies
  • Nb Companies with Social Policy
  • Companies with Social Policy %
  • Total Sales M€
  • Total CO2 Emissions (estimate)
  • Total CO2 Emissions (direct)
  • Total CO2 Emissions (indirect)
  • Nb Employees
  • CO2 Emissions per Employee
  • Total Energy Consumption
  • Total Waste
  • Total Sales

Required attributes

  • Date (Fiscal Year)
  • Company (Name of the company)
  • Industry (Industry Type 1 (Communications, Consumer Discretionary, Energy...))
  • Industry 2 Industry Type 2 (Media, Telecommunications, Retail...)
  • Industry 3 (Industry Type 3 (Advertising, Internet, Publishing))
  • Industry 4 (Industry Type 4 (Film/TV, Music, Furniture...))
  • Country (Company Country)
  • Human Rights Policy ("Y" if existing policy)
  • Equal Opportunity Policy ("Y" if existing policy)
  • Fair Remuneration Policy ("Y" if existing policy)
  • Health Safety Policy ("Y" if existing policy)
  • Climate Change Policy ("Y" if existing policy)
  • Energy Efficiency Policy ("Y" if existing policy)
  • Waste Reduction Policy ("Y" if existing policy)
  • Water Policy ("Y" if existing policy)
  • Biodiversity Policy ("Y" if existing policy)
  • ESG Score (ESG Disclosure Score (0.1 to 100))
  • CO2 Emissions (Green House Gaz - CO2 Estimate (in K tons))
  • CO2 per Sales (Green House Gaz - CO2 per Sales (estimate in tons per Sales M€))
  • Direct CO2 Emissions (Green House Gaz - Direct CO2 Estimate (in K tons))
  • Indirect CO2 Emissions (Green House Gaz - Indirect CO2 Estimate (in K tons))
  • Energy Consumption (Energy Consumption (in MWh))
  • Waste (Total weight of waste the company discards (in K tons))
  • Pct Women in Management (Percentage of women employed in senior management positions at the company (0.5 stands for 50%))
  • Pct Women on Board (Percentage of women on the board of directors, as reported by the company (0.5 stands for 50%))
  • Market Cap (Amount of the company market cap (in M$))
  • Nb of Employees (Nb of Employees)

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