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Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud - Key Account Management

by Tableau


The Tableau Accelerator for Key Account Management gives you a clear view of how your Brands are performing in the marketplace,

  • Uncover growth opportunities
  • Shed light on competitive advantages and risks
  • Identify the different types of funds used
  • Optimize your trade spend by maximizing promotions' execution

Answer key business questions

  • What is the Market Share of our Brands?
  • How do our Brand sales compare to category sales?
  • How have the Company's Sales changed over time compared to competitors?
  • How does our Brand's Market Share grow compared to competitors' growth?
  • In which states have our Brands' Market Share increased/decreased?
  • What is the contribution of Sales with Promotion to Total Sales?
  • What is the impact of Promotions on Total Sales and Market Share?
  • Which Stores are the best or worst performers in terms of Sales and Market Share?
  • Where are our Brands sold?
  • How often do we run Promotions over the last period?
  • Have the promotions been effective and successful?
  • What funds were allocated, and how were they used?
  • What is the volume of Claims (payment requests) to be processed?

Monitor and improve KPIs - Syndicated Data

  • Revenue Market Share
  • Unit Market Share
  • Total Sales Amount
  • Market Size
  • Sales with Promotions
  • Revenue from Promotions %
  • Nb Stores Selling our Brands
  • Nb Stores
  • Nb Promoted Products
  • Nb Products
  • Market Unit Sales
  • Company Unit Sales
  • Market Sales Amount
  • Company Sales Amount
  • Average selling Price
  • Average Discount Amount
  • Nb Promotion Weeks

Monitor and improve KPIs - Salesforce Trade Promotion Management (TPM)

  • Current Budget
  • Pending Budget
  • Current Balance
  • Pending Balance
  • Spending (Committed)
  • LE Spend (Pending)
  • LE Spend (Approved)
  • Total Deposits (Approved)
  • Total Deposits (Pending)
  • Actual Rate-Based Funds(RBF)
  • Remaining Rate-Based Funds(RBF)
  • Total Credits (Approved/Earned)
  • Total Credits (Pending / Estimated)
  • Withdraws/Claims (Approved)
  • Liabilities (Accrued)
  • Invoice Based Costs
  • Liabilities unpaid
  • Total Debits (Approved)
  • Total Debits (Pending)

Required attributes - Syndicated Data

  • Date (date)
  • Brand (string)
  • Is Our Brand (string) ← expected values: 'Y', 'N'. 'Y' means our Company is selling the Brand.
  • Store (string)
  • Category (string)
  • Product (string)
  • Is Promotion? (string) ← expected values: 'Y', 'N'. 'Y' means the Product is on promotion.
  • Country (string)
  • Region (string)
  • State Name (string)
  • ZIP Code (string)
  • City (string)
  • Base_Price (numeric)
  • Selling Price (numeric)
  • Incremental Units (numeric)
  • Base Unit Sales (numeric)
  • Base Sales Amount (numeric)
  • Unit Sales (numeric)
  • Sales Amount (numeric)

Required attributes - Salesforce TPM ORG

The Accelerator shows data from these objects:

  • Account
  • Product2
  • cgcloud__Account_Set__c
  • cgcloud__Fund__c
  • cgcloud__Fund_Template__c
  • cgcloud__Fund_Transaction_Row__c
  • cgcloud__Payment__c
  • cgcloud__Payment_Tactic__c
  • cgcloud__Payment_Tactic_Fund__c
  • cgcloud__Payment_Tactic_Product__c
  • cgcloud__Payment_Template__c
  • cgcloud__Promotion__c
  • cgcloud__Promotion_Template__c
  • cgcloud__Tactic__c
  • cgcloud__Tactic_Fund__c
  • cgcloud__Tactic_Product__c
  • cgcloud__Tactic_Template__c


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