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Merchant Analytics

by USEReady


Every financial services provider collaborates with merchants and partners for an array of applications such as payments, customer acquisition, loan collections, and recoveries. This accelerator is designed for Banks and Payment Companies and their merchant customers. The Merchant dashboard empowers merchants with insights into their businesses. Merchants can explore and understand customer behaviours, spending, commissions due, and transaction trends. The merchant dashboards can be embedded into Merchant apps for seamless, frictionless access to data & insights.

Answer Key Business Questions

  • What is our transaction volume and value?
  • Which payment method do our customers prefer? Has there been a change/pattern in preferences over time?
  • What is the average ticket size of transactions? For a customer segment/geography?
  • Have our sales improved over time? In which geographies?
  • What is the commission being paid out for various payment channels?

Monitor and Improve KPIs

  • Transaction Value - total value of transactions in each period.
  • Transaction Count - total number of transactions in a given period.
  • Average Ticket Size - average ticket size of transactions in a given period
  • Commission Due / Earned - commission calculated on transactions processed, by payment method.
  • Transaction Success / Failure % - transaction failure or success rate, by payment method
  • Top Merchants and Merchant Categories - top-performing merchants, categories, and subcategories
  • Commission by Payment Mode - commission charged by payment mode

Required Data Attributes

  • Week (numeric) - transactions for the week of the year (1-52)
  • Date (date) - transaction date
  • Merchant Category (string) - merchant category
  • Merchant ID (numeric) - unique merchant identifier
  • Merchant Subcategory (string) - merchant sub category
  • Merchant Name (string) - merchant name
  • Transaction Amount (numeric) - transaction amount
  • Transaction Count (numeric) - transaction count
  • Payment Mode (string) - payment method (wallet, UPI, EMI, credit card, debit card..)
  • Card Type (string) - card type if payment method is Credit/Debit card (Amex, Diner, Master, Visa..)
  • Payment Status (string) - payment status as on the date (Success, Failure, Refund, Initiated, Processing..)
  • Product (string) - payment product (QR, PoS, Online Link..)
  • Country (string) - country
  • State (string) - state
  • City (String) - city
  • District (string) - district
  • PinCode (numeric) - pincode
  • Charge (numeric) - % commission rate applicable


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