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Portfolio Performance for Wealth Managers

by The Information Lab


The Accelerator for Wealth Management lets Managers gain insights into their client pipeline, as well as giving Advisors a snapshot of their current client portfolio and assets under their management.

This Accelerator is a product of The Data School, a division of The Information Lab, and it's designed to adapt to any wealth management business. Customers may adapt it for their own business on their own or contact The Information Lab to find out how they can help ask and answer critical questions with data.

Answer Key Business Questions

Managers can use this to answer questions like,

  • How well are individual advisors performing?
  • Who are high-value clients, and what does the change in their assets over time look like?
  • How well are advisors on-boarding new clients, and which assets and clients are at risk?

Advisors can use this to manage their business by answering questions like,

  • What does my overall portfolio look like?
  • Which of my high-value clients are at risk?
  • Which clients and assets have not been on-boarded properly?

Monitor and Improve KPIs

  • Number of Assets by advisor/analyst
  • Number of Clients by advisor/analyst
  • Value of Assets under management
  • What are top At Risk Assets
  • Average Time in Stages
  • Average pipeline duration
  • Asset Performance
  • Client breakdown
  • Client performance


Supports data mapping


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