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Project Portfolio

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This Tableau Accelerator allows you to:

  • Evaluate your project portfolio
  • Assess project progress
  • See how the budget consumption evolves
  • Identify and mitigate project risks
  • Deep-dive to a specific project
  • Drill-back at “Project” level of detail, directly in your Project Management Application and take immediate actions

Demo video

Answer key business questions

  • What is the status of our project portfolio?
  • What is our budget consumption?
  • Which projects are at risk?
  • How has the project status evolved over time?
  • How has the budget consumption of my projects evolved?

Monitor and improve KPIs

Project Portfolio

  • Nb of Projects: Total number of active projects at the date of the snapshot


  • Total Budget: Last known project budget (expressed in currency)
  • Total Consumed Budget: Total project budget already consumed (expressed in currency)
  • Consumed Budget %: Share of budget consumed compared to total budget (expressed in %)


  • Project Progress %: Progress of the project (expressed in %)
  • Spent Time %: Share of days spent compared to the estimated duration of the project until completion (expressed in %)

Required attributes

The data set is a monthly snapshot of each project status:

  • Status Date (date): Date of the project status snapshot
  • Project (string): Project name or identifier
  • Project Start Date (date): Planned start date of the project
  • Project End Date (date): Planned end date of the project
  • Project Category (string): Category of the project
  • Project Manager (string): Person in charge of the project
  • Project Risk (string) ← expected values: “High”, “Medium”, “Low”
  • Project Priority (string) ← expected values: “High”, “Medium”, “Low”
  • Budget (numeric): Project budget amount (at the date of the snapshot)
  • Consumed Budget (numeric): Budget consumed amount (at the date of the snapshot)
  • Progress % (numeric): Progress of the project (in percentage; 0.5 stands for 50%)


Supports data mapping


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