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Assets under Management & Profitability

by Tableau


This Tableau Accelerator allows you to:

  • Assess your overall performance
    • Ability to grow AuM by driving Net New Money
    • Ability to grow Revenues and Return on Asset
  • Identify most impactful Business Lines
  • Review your Client Portfolio and identify outliers
  • Understand the composition of your Client base
  • Determine the dynamics of (in/out)flows across mandates and pinpoint what the drivers are
  • Deep-dive at Client level of detail

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Answer key business questions

  • What is the volume of AuM managed?
  • How is the AuM distributed by client type?
  • What type of client is contributing most to the growth of AuM?
  • How have the AuM, NNM and income evolved in recent months?
  • Who are our top clients?
  • Which clients contributed significantly to the (in and out) flows?
  • How much revenue did we generate, and how did we perform compared to the same period last year?

Monitor and improve KPIs

Assets under Management

  • Total AuM (Assets under Management): Total market value of the investments that a financial institution manages on behalf of clients (expressed in currency)
  • Total Market Effect: Change in the valuation of Assets under Management due to changes in market prices (stock valuation change for instance)


  • Total Inflows: Volume of assets entering a financial institution (expressed in currency)
  • Total Outflows: Volume of assets leaving a financial institution (expressed in currency)
  • NNM (Net New Money): Net amount of assets entering or leaving a financial institution (expressed in currency)


  • Total Income: Volume of revenues generated by the financial institution through its relationships with its clients (expressed in currency)
  • RoA %: Return on Asset: Profitability ratio that measures how well a financial institution is generating profits from its Total Assets under Management (expressed in %)


  • Nb of Clients: Number of active clients over the period
  • Lost Clients: Number of clients lost (last client position during the analysed period)
  • New Clients: Number of new clients acquired (first client position during the analysed period)
  • AuM per Client: Average volume of Asset under Management per Client (expressed in currency)

Required attributes

  • Month (date): Date
  • Business Line (string): Business Line, Team...
  • Relationship Manager (string): RM, Account Manager, Banker...
  • Client (string): Client, Portfolio holder...
  • Mandate (string): DPM, Advisory, Execution Only...
  • Inflows (numeric): Incoming money
  • Outflows (numeric): Outgoing money (negative values expected)
  • Market Effect (numeric): Market Effect
  • AuM (numeric): Assets under Management
  • Income (numeric): Income, Revenue


Supports data mapping


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