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Salesforce Data Cloud - Sales

by Tableau


This Tableau Accelerator allows you to:

  • Assess & Improve your sales performance
  • Predict evolution of sales
  • Revive your customer base (based on suggested marketing actions)
  • Deep-dive at the lowest level of detail: Customer, Business Line, Product

Demo video

Answer key business questions

  • What are our sales results?
  • Are we on track compared to last year? Are we on track to meet our target?
  • Which products drive the most sales?
  • Who are our top customers?
  • How many active customers do we have?

Monitor and improve KPIs

  • Total Sales: Total Sales amount (expressed in currency)
  • Total Sales (Target) (optional)
  • Nb Active Customers: Number of distinct Customers having a sales transaction over the period
  • Nb New Customers: Number of distinct new Customers acquired (first sales transaction over the period)
  • Sales per Customer: Average sales amount by Customer (expressed in currency)

Required attributes

  • Date (date): Sales date
  • Customer (string): Customer name
  • Product (string): The item sold: product, service...
  • Business Line (string): The way you regroup items: product line, business line, product category…
  • Sales Amount (numeric): Sales amount
  • Sales Amount Target (numeric) -optional-: Sales target amount

Getting Started Steps

  1. Ensure you have Tableau Desktop version 2023.2 or higher installed and that it is licensed. Use the Salesforce Data Cloud connector to connect to Data Cloud. Note that this is a connector released with the Data Cloud Summer ’23 release as described here. This accelerator works only with the Salesforce Data Cloud connector.
  2. Ensure that Tableau has been provisioned access to pull data from Salesforce Data Cloud (previously known as Salesforce CDP). There is great documentation on how to do this on Customer Data Platform’s Help site.

Understand the Data Model Requirements

The Accelerator shows data from these objects

  • ssot__SalesOrderProduct__dlm
  • ssot__GoodsProduct__dlm
  • ssot__ProductCategoryProduct__dlm
  • ssot__ProductCategory__dlm
  • ssot__ProductCatalog__dlm
  • ssot__MasterProduct__dlm
  • ssot__SalesOrder__dlm
  • ssot__SalesStore__dlm
  • ssot__Individual__dlm


Connects to Salesforce Data Cloud


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