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This Tableau Accelerator allows you to:

  • Assess and Improve your performance
  • Breakdown your performance to pinpoint drivers
  • Identify most impactful traders
  • Compare trading volume and trend by Trade Types or Markets
  • Simulate volume of potential new revenues by applying new commission policies

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Answer key business questions

  • Is our trade volume increasing or decreasing?
  • What is the trend of trade volume over the last months?
  • What are the top trade types by trading volume?
  • Are we generating more revenue?
  • How is the average commission rate evolving?
  • Who are our top clients in terms of revenue, and what commission rate did we apply to them?
  • Are we acquiring new clients?

Monitor and improve KPIs

Trading Volume

  • Trade Volume: Total trade amount (expressed in currency)
  • Number of Trades: Number of trade transactions


  • Total Revenue: Total revenue amount generated by trade transactions (expressed in currency)
  • Avg Commission Rate: Average commission rate (expressed in %)


  • Number of Clients: Number of active clients (having trade transactions)
  • Nb of New Clients: Number of new clients acquired (first client position during the analysed period)
  • Trade Volume per client: Average trade volume per client (expressed in currency)
  • Revenue per client: Average revenue amount generated per client (expressed in currency)

Required attributes

  • Date (date): Trade date
  • Trader (string): Name of the Trader
  • Client (string): Name of the Client
  • Sector (string): Area of the economy such as technology, healthcare, energy
  • Trade Type (string): Type of Trades
  • Nb of Transactions (numeric): Nb of the trade transactions
  • Trade Amount (numeric): Amount of the trade
  • Commission Rate (numeric): Commission Rate
  • Trade Revenue (numeric): Amount of the revenue = Trade amount * Commission


Supports data mapping


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