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Client-facing Wealth Management Analytics

by Lovelytics


The Accelerator for Wealth Management Analytics provides insight into investment performance across regions, allocations, sectors, holdings and time. Lovelytics created this Accelerator to be embedded in a client-facing wealth management portal so clients can easily monitor their net worth, investment risk-to-return metrics, holdings and other key metrics. Clients can also use the Investment Comparison tool to compare two mutual funds and gain insight into allocations, top mutual fund holdings and return and risk differences.

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Lovelytics is a data and analytics consultancy. We partner with people, teams and organisations to deliver services and build solutions that drive outcomes while promoting self-sufficiency through hands-on enablement. Connect with Lovelytics to learn more about the customer needs and successes that inspired this Accelerator.

Answer Key Business Questions

  • What is my overall portfolio value, and how has the value changed over time?
  • How is my portfolio distributed by region, allocation and sector?
  • What specific holdings do I have?
  • How have my mutual funds performed over time?
  • How do return and risk characteristics differ between two mutual funds?
  • What is the allocation for a mutual fund, and what are the top holdings?

Monitor and Improve KPIs

  • Net Worth
  • Portfolio Value
  • Rate of Return
  • Expense Ratio
  • Dividend Yield

Required Data Attributes

  • Allocations (string)
  • Category (string)
  • Date (date)
  • Holidays (string)
  • Portfolio (string)
  • Regions (string)
  • Sector (string)
  • Ticker (string)
  • Year (string)
  • 3-Yr Dividend Growth (numeric)
  • 5-Yr Dividend Growth (numeric)
  • Dividend CAGR (numeric)
  • Dividend Yield (numeric)
  • Expense Ratio (numeric)
  • Market Beta (numeric)
  • Portfolio Value (numeric)
  • Price (numeric)
  • Return (numeric)
  • Row Count (numeric)
  • Sharpe Ratio (numeric)
  • Standard Deviation (numeric)


Supports data mapping


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