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Project Pipeline Planning

by Moyo


The Accelerator for Project Pipeline Planning offers insight into your organisation’s planned projects portfolio, aiding decision-making and progress tracking via iterative planning playback. You can use the “Portfolio Overview” and “Portfolio Overview - Timeline” dashboards to assess cost and benefit distribution. “Projects - Cost & Benefit” facilitates project comparison while “Projects by Detail” provides a detailed view. The “Project Profile” dashboard offers a comprehensive view of a specific project. Finally, “Projects per Goal” aligns the project portfolio with strategic goals.

Answer Key Business Questions

  • Are there any goals that do not have supporting projects planned?
  • Which projects and their constituent initiatives is the organisation strategically focused on?
  • What is the overall contribution of all projects to the costs and benefits?
  • How do the costs measure up to the benefits over time?
  • What is the business unit ranking regarding benefits and costs?
  • What is the current phase of each initiative based on its planned timeline, including start and completion dates?
  • What is the cost-benefit analysis for each project?

Monitor & Improve KPIs

  • Planned Cost
  • Expected Benefit
  • Project Count:
  • Initiative Count

Required Data Attributes

  • Goal Name (String)
  • Goal Item (String)
  • Goal Description (String)
  • Region (String)
  • Location (String)
  • Project Name (String)
  • Initiative Name (String)
  • Strategic Programme (String)
  • Project Phase (String)
  • High-Level Benefit Description (String)
  • Benefit (Number)
  • Cost (Number)
  • Year (Number)
  • Planned Start Date (Date)
  • Planned Completion Date (Date)


Supports data mapping


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