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Twitter Ads

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This Tableau Accelerator helps you to:

  • Assess & Improve the performance of your marketing campaigns with Twitter Ads
  • Identify most impactful campaigns
  • Deep-dive to campaign efficiency on: Awareness, Engagement, Conversion
  • Improve Return on Investment
  • Audit the results of campaign optimisation over time

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Answer key business questions

  • How efficient are our marketing investments?
  • Do we increase awareness? Do we develop engagement?
  • What is the efficiency of our campaigns?
  • Do we have enough financial performance?
  • What is the Cost per Click, Cost per Action, Cost per Lead?

Monitor and improve KPIs


  • Total Impressions: The number of times that your adverts were on-screen
  • CPM (Cost per 1’000 impressions): Cost per Mille (impressions): Average Cost per 1’000 impressions (expressed in currency)
  • Total Cost: The estimated total amount of money you’ve spent on your campaign, ad set or ad during its schedule (expressed in currency)


  • CPC (Cost per Click): Cost Per Click: Average Cost per Click (expressed in currency)
  • CPA (Cost per Action): Cost Per Action: Average Cost per Social Interaction (expressed in currency)
  • Total Clicks: The number of clicks on links within the ad that led to destinations or experiences, on or off Facebook
  • CTR (Click-Through-Rate): Click-Through-Rate: the number of clicks that your ad receives divided by the number of times your ad is shown (expressed in %)
  • Total Tweet Interactions: The number of all interactions (retweets, replies, likes...)
  • Tweet Interaction per Impression: Average number of tweet interactions (retweets, likes, replies...) per Impression
  • Total Tweet Likes: Total number of times your tweets have been liked by users on Twitter
  • Total Retweets: Total number of times your tweets have been shared or reposted on Twitter
  • Total Tweet Replies: Total number of responses or comments that have been done on your Tweets
  • Total Follows: Total number of users who have chosen to follow your Twitter account (within the scope of the campaigns)


  • CPL (Cost per Lead): Cost Per Lead: The cost it takes to generate a new prospective customer for your sales team from a current marketing campaign (expressed in currency)
  • Total Leads: Total number of prospects who shared their information details (such as email)
  • LTR (Lead-Through-Rate): Lead-Through-Rate: Number of potential customers per click (expressed in %)


  • Campaigns: Number of advertising campaigns

Required attributes

  • Period (date): Period Date
  • Ad Group Name (string): Ad Group Name
  • Tweet Text (string): Tweet Text
  • Campaign Name (string): Campaign Name
  • Tweet Status (string): Running, Paused...
  • Cost (numeric): Amount Spent
  • Leads (numeric): Number of potential clients
  • Tweet Likes (numeric): Number of tweet likes
  • Retweets (numeric): Number of retweets
  • Tweet Replies (numeric): Number of tweet replies
  • Follows (numeric): Number of follows
  • Tweet Interactions (numeric): Number of tweet interactions
  • Clicks (numeric): Number of clicks
  • Impressions (numeric): Number of impressions


Supports data mapping


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