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Tableau Cloud Migration Planner

by Zuar


The success of your Tableau Cloud Migration is a product of the prioritisation of your business goals: identifying which dashboards are delivering the most value – and to which business stakeholders – is one of the most important things you will do when planning your migration, and it’s a key driver of ROI on your new or expanded Tableau Cloud deployment.

Zuar’s Accelerator enables you to de-risk your migration with an aggregated and detailed account of what needs to be migrated, compared to what is of lower priority, so that you can develop the right project and resourcing plans to make your organisation successful – and manage stakeholder expectations.

Server admins can connect this dashboard to the underlying PostgreSQL database within your Tableau Server, and then identify content that should be prioritised and managed, compared to content that is less relevant to the day-to-day decisions within your business. This can be helpful in any migration project, as it will ensure that you are capturing all your data during the migration process – and migrating only what is required.

Questions about making this real in your organisation? Connect directly with Zuar to talk about other Migration considerations – and the change management involved in becoming a Cloud-native company. Zuar can also help you monetize your analytics for your external customers.

Answer Key Business Questions

  • Who is using Tableau the most frequently/infrequently and will be impacted the most/least by migration?
  • What projects should be prioritised, and which could be archived?
  • Which workbooks are accessed the most often? Which workbooks are no longer in use?
  • How many data sources do you have that do/do not need to be migrated?

Monitor and Improve KPIs

  • Current Viewcount for Workbooks
  • Workbook Freshness (Based on Last Refresh Date)
  • Datasource Freshness (Based on Last Refresh Date)
  • Active and Recent Users (Based on Last Login)
  • Empty or Stale Projects

Required Data Attributes

Data can be accessed in your Tableau Server environment by following these instructions..

  • Created At ( Projects) (date)
  • ID ( Datasources) (string)
  • ID ( Workbooks) (string)
  • Log In At ( Users) (date)
  • Name (Datasources) (string)
  • Name (Workbooks) (string)
  • Name (Users) (string)
  • Name (Hist Projects) (string)
  • Name (Hist Projects) (string)
  • Owner Name (Projects) (string)
  • Updated At (Datasources) (date)
  • Updated At (Workbooks) (date)
  • ID (Hist Datasources) (int)
  • ID (Hist Workbooks) (int)
  • Revision (Hist Workbooks) (int)
  • View Count (int)


Supports data mapping


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