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Tableau Server Usage

by The Information Lab


The Information Lab's Tableau Server Usage Accelerator shows you what content is popular – and who is using what. You can connect this dashboard to the audit tables in your own Tableau Server Postgres database – while this Accelerator uses an anonymised extract, rather than a live connection, we've included images to show you how to connect it to your own database. Once you connect to your own data, replace the [Created At rel [today()]] field with the [Created At] date field by right-clicking on it and replacing it. You can self-serve and find out more at This Accelerator is one of the Server Diagnostics Dashboards that The Information Lab provides for their customers.

Answer Key Business Questions

  • What is the most popular content (Dashboard, Site, Project, Workbook) on our server?
  • Who is accessing what content on our server?
  • When is content being accessed?
  • How many users account for x% of Views?

Monitor and Improve KPIs

  • Top content views
  • Top content consumers
  • Top content viewed by user
  • How many users account for x% of total content views


Supports data mapping