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Data Source Manager for Tableau Cloud

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How often have you heard, “Without good data, you won’t have good AI?” It sounds simple, but studies show that “ensuring scalable, reliable data” is one of the top analytics challenges organizations face. We've created this Accelerator to ensure managing scalable, reliable data in Tableau is easier. Use the Accelerator to better explore, improve, and validate the data sources you have in Tableau, so that you can more comfortably scale self-service and AI-driven solutions to your users.

To get set up, ask your Tableau Site Admin to connect this Accelerator to your Tableau Cloud Site today.

Answer Key Business Questions:

  • How many data sources do you have in Tableau?
  • Which data sources can be trusted to support self-service and AI-driven solutions?
  • Which data sources are being shared and how often are they used?
  • Which data sources should be prioritized to promote to a certified standard of truth?
  • Which data sources are being duplicated?

Required Data: The three required data sources are included in the Tableau Cloud Admin Insights Project. The data sources are: Site Content, TS Events, and TS Users.

Set Up the Accelerator:

  1. Download this accelerator
  2. Sign into your Tableau Cloud Site, go to Add a Data Source, click Tableau Server, and add the three data sources Site Content, TS Events, and TS Users
  3. Click into the "Bar - Certified" sheet. Select the Data dropdown from the top menu bar, and select Replace Data Source. You’ll do this three times, replacing "Replace Me - Site Content" for Site Content, "Replace Me - Events" for TS Events, and "Replace Me - Users" for TS Users. On the Data Tab located on the top left of your sheet, you can right-click the three "Replace Me" data sources and close them to remove them from the workbook.
  4. The Replace Data Source step will reset the shapes associated with your Certification Checklist to generic circles and rectangles...not as helpful as "✓" and "X." Change the shapes with the following steps:
    1. Go to the sheet named "Bar - Certified," click into the "MAX(0) (2)" marks card, click "Shape," and change the Shapes to something more helpful. We recommend changing True = ✓ and False = X. These can be found in the "KPI" shape palette.
    2. Go to the sheet named "Certification Checklist." There will be five marks cards named "MAX(0)," change the shapes for each one. We recommend changing the "1" = ✓ and "0" = X.
    3. Once the shapes have been changed, you can hide the sheets.
  5. Sort any bar charts, and publish the workbook for you and your users to start exploring!