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Snowflake Platform Monitoring

di Actinvision


The Accelerator for Snowflake Platform Monitoring provides you with all the key metrics you need to manage the cost and usage of Snowflake. You can identify

  • The most resource consuming warehouses in your deployment
  • Credit consumption relative to your contract terms
  • Overall usage patterns--what's working well, and what isn't

This Accelerator connects natively to your Snowflake deployment: edit the data source to enter your own credentials. Get in touch with Actinvision for help with your analytics and data strategy needs.

Answer Key Business Questions

  • How many credits have I used?
  • How are credits used?
  • When are credits consumed?
  • Do I have enough credits for my use of Snowflake?

Monitor and Improve KPIs

  • Credits used in EUR
  • % of Contract Credits consumed
  • # Days Left before Contract Renewal
  • # Credits Used
  • Resources On/Off

Required Data Attributes

Instructions for connecting directly to your own instance of Snowflake are included in the workbook. Database storage usage history fields

  • Database Name
  • Average database Bytes

SNF usage Cost

  • Measure Type
  • Name
  • Usage Date
  • Credits Used
  • Euro Used

Warehouse Metering History

  • Start Time
  • Warehouse Name
  • Credit Used


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