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Financial Services

GridPulse – am Puls des Energieverbrauchs

by Slalom

Überwache Verbrauch, Kosten, Einsparungen & Umweltauswirkungen

GridPulse - Optimize the Heartbeat of Energy Consumption

by Slalom

Track energy consumption, costs, savings, & environmental impact for transparency

Merchant Analytics - Payment Provider

by USEReady

Identify trends revealing opportunities for growth & efficiency improvements

Merchant Analytics

by USEReady

Merchant Analytics Accelerator is designed for Banks, Payment Companies & their merchant customers

Budget Controlling

by Tableau

Monitor, track, and manage financial performance and expenditures vs budget

Call Center

by Tableau

Assess & Improve the performance of your Call Center: Incoming Calls, FCR, CSAT...

Insurance Claims

by Tableau

Assess your performance handling claims

Fraudulent Claims

by Tableau

Assess & Reduce your exposure to Fraudulent Claims

Risk Register

by Tableau

Assess your current exposure to risks


by Tableau

Assess and Improve your trading performance

Client Assets, Liabilities & Profitability

by Tableau

Assess and improve the profitability of your client's assets & liabilities

Bank Income Statement

by Tableau

Assess the bank’s revenues, costs and overall profitability

AuM - Assets under Management

by Tableau

Assess your overall performance: Assets under Management & Net New Money

Assets under Management & Profitability

by Tableau

Assess your overall performance: Assets under Management & Profitability

Client Assets & Liabilities

by Tableau

Assess your overall performance: Assets under Management & Lending Stock

Banking Loans

by Tableau

Assess your performance on loans: client liabilities, interests, amortization, revenue...

Broker Portfolio Analytics

by The Information Lab

Explore and contrast how brokers have contributed to KPIs

Portfolio Performance for Wealth Managers

by The Information Lab

Insights into Portfolio and Client performance for Managers and Advisors.

Aceleración de Ventas

by Ennube

Analiza cuántas actividades se necesitan para cerrar una venta

Next Best Offer: Retail Banking

by Keyrus

Retail Banking dashboard providing product sales predictions & next best offer for the business

Investment Portfolio Performance

by Lovelytics

Insights into the financial performance of the companies in your investment portfolio

Sales Acceleration

by Ennube

Analyze how many activities it takes to close a sale

Tableau Cloud Migration Scope Evaluator

by USEReady

Expedite migration from Tableau on-prem to Tableau Cloud while automating steps in the framework

Salesforce Data Cloud Service Accelerator

by Atrium

Unify customer data to enable quick case resolution in Service Cloud & improve customer satisfaction

Emission Insights

by Devoteam

Track & analyze CO2 emissions relative to your reduction targets

Project Pipeline Planning

by Moyo

Provide insights on the cost and expected benefits of planned projects

Budget Allocation - Arabic

by Beinex

Accelerator tracks expenses and revenue for a stable financial environment in the organization

Climate Change Portfolio Risk

by USEReady

Make better decisions for your investments portfolio based on climate change projections

Client-facing Wealth Management Analytics

by Lovelytics

Enable clients to monitor key portfolio metrics

Financial Advisor Outreach Performance

by USEReady

Customer Outreach performance metrics for Fund Advisors

Insurance Underwriter Scorecard

by CoEnterprise

Evaluate underwriter efficiency, improve cycle time, and reduce costs.

운용자산 + 주식대차거래 + 수익 대시보드 - 한국어

by Tableau

해당 엑셀러레이터를 통해 운용자산, 대차거래(대주), 수익을 전반적으로 파악하고 추세를 확인 할 수 있습니다.

운용자산 + 주식대차거래 대시보드 - 한국어

by Tableau

해당 엑셀러레이터를 통해 운용자산, 주식대차거래(대주액), 신규자금, 신규대출지급액의 규모를 이해하고 현황을 모니터링 할 수 있습니다.

운용자산 + 수익 대시보드 - 한국어

by Tableau

운용자산 + 수익 대시보드를 통해 운용자산 규모와 수익성에 대해 확인 할 수 있습니다.

운용자산 대시보드 - 한국어

by Tableau

운용자산 대시보드를 통해 운용자산 규모와 신규 자금의 입/출 현황을 모니터링 할 수 있습니다.

Insurance Underwriter Performance

by The Information Lab

Comparison and benchmarking of underwriters across a series of customizable key metrics