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Retail Sales Accelerator

by Globant


The Accelerator for “Retail Analytics Hub” provides comprehensive sales analytics and performance insights for the retail industry. Key benefits include real-time visibility into sales trends, profit analysis and operational optimisation. It caters to CEOs, CMOs, category managers, regional managers and store managers. The dashboard enables data-driven decision-making and empowers retail businesses to drive sales growth and enhance operational efficiency. With customisable reports and visualisations, it provides actionable insights tailored to specific roles and responsibilities within the retail organisation.

Answer Key Business Questions

  • What is the overall sales performance by category and subcategory?
  • How do the current year’s sales compare to the previous year?
  • Which subcategories are more profitable than others?
  • What are the sales trends across different regions and countries?
  • Which stores are top-performing and which are underperforming based on total sales?
  • How can shipping operations be optimised?

Monitor & Improve KPIs

  • Monthly Sales Growth
  • Sales per Region
  • Sales Volume by Location
  • Profit Ratio by Subcategory
  • Product Performance
  • Average shipping days

Required Data Attributes

  • Category (string)
  • Subcategory (string)
  • Region (string)
  • Country (string)
  • Stores (string)
  • Total Sales (integer)
  • Quantity (integer)
  • Discounts (integer)
  • Order Date (date)
  • Delivery Date (date)
  • Shipping Date (date)


Supports data mapping


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