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Retail Store Performance

by InterWorks


The Accelerator for Retail Store Performance, powered by InterWorks’ Curator, aligns sales performance and key supply-chain metrics to keep executives informed and spur individual business elements to action. It combines inventory management, point-of-sales and sell-through data with marketplace intelligence to predict hot movers, anticipate challenges and identify spreading trends.

InterWorks’ Solution combines Services with Curator’s advanced presentation, Snowflake’s rapid query engine and fast-ingestion ELT, like Matillion and FiveTran. Services customise data ingestion and modelling, dashboard development and change management to client specific scenarios.

Answer Key Business Questions

  • What does performance over time look like, relative to goals?
  • How is the store performing against goals and expectations throughout the day or business period?
  • How are sellers performing, and how can I provide actionable insights to my team?
  • What are the largest contributors to sales and promotion goals?
  • How can my location quickly respond to hyper-local social media feedback?

Monitor and Improve KPIs

  • Sales $
  • Sales performance relative to goals
  • Doors (number of customers entering)
  • Transaction Count #
  • Units Sold #
  • Upsell / Add-on Units
  • Upsell / Add-on Sales $
  • Upsell / Add-on attach rate %
  • Units Per Transaction UPT
  • Buying Customers %


Supports data mapping


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