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Salesforce Account Overview

by InterWorks


Knowing where your pipeline and revenue are coming from is key to taking the right actions – and making the right investments for the future. InterWorks’ Salesforce Account Overview shows you from which sectors your revenue is being generated, and it provides you with insights like YOY performance, win rate, account details and expected revenue.

This Accelerator connects to standard data objects in Sales Cloud, and you can connect directly with InterWorks to find out more about how their expertise can help you see and understand your own Sales Cloud data.

Answer Key Business Questions

  • Which accounts and industries are generating opportunities and revenue?
  • How does that compare to last year?

Monitor and Improve KPIs

  • Opportunities by account
  • Opportunities by industry
  • Actual and expected revenue
  • Win Rate
  • YOY comparisons

Data Strategy

This Accelerator connects to Sales Cloud. You can enter your own credentials by right-clicking on the data source and selecting Edit.


Connects to Salesforce


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