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Retail Supply Chain

by Keyrus


The Retail Supply Chain Accelerator shows retail executives how effectively their supply chain operations are working. It also shows where product orders are and how deliveries – or disruptions – affect their ability to deliver goods to customers.

Keyrus' short video shows you how to use this Accelerator, and you can connect with their experts to learn more.

Answer Key Business Questions

  • How effective is my supply chain team over time?
  • How many supply chain planners are working in my business?
  • What’s the volume of goods that we have ordered, and what’s the volume of goods that have been shipped?
  • What’s the volume of goods that have been invoiced to us?
  • Where are the customers who are impacted by unfulfilled orders?
  • How many items have been cut from orders, and which customers are affected?
  • What is our customer fill rate, and where do we have risks in our warehouses?
  • Which of our customers are we supporting within our SLAs, and where do we have risks?
  • Which of our suppliers is not meeting their commitments?

Monitor and Improve KPIs

  • Total Planners
  • Volume of orders
  • Volume of cut orders
  • Volume of orders shipped
  • Volume of orders invoiced
  • Customer order fill rate
  • Warehouse unit fill rate
  • On-time delivery rate for customers
  • On-time order delivery rate from suppliers

Required Attributes

  • Item (string)
  • Record Date (datetime)
  • Order (string)
  • Planner Name (string)
  • Shipment Type (string)
  • Source (string)
  • Supplier (string)
  • Destination (string)
  • Cut Quantity (int)
  • Quantity Ordered (int)
  • Quantity Shipped (int)
  • Total Cut Dollars (int)
  • Total Invoiced Dollars (int)
  • Destination Latitude (geo)
  • Destination Longitude (geo)
  • Source Latitude (geo)
  • Source Longitude (geo)