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Profit Insights

by Devoteam


The Accelerator for Profit Insights provides manufacturing and customer profit analysis, profit pool timeline and filters for strategic decision-making for sales personnel, financial executives and data analysts. It offers a comprehensive view of profit by Product Class, Market and various filters to drive data-driven actions. The dashboard is designed for executives, strategists and analysts from manufacturing companies seeking to optimise profitability and make informed business decisions. With its intuitive interface and visualisations, users can identify profitable product classes, monitor market performance and leverage filters to gain valuable insights. The dashboard empowers users to drive profitability, align product offerings and optimise resource allocation based on profitability analyses.

Answer Key Business Questions

  • What is the profitability of different product classes and how does it vary across markets?
  • How does the profit pool develop over time?
  • How do pricing and promotional activities affect profitability?
  • How does the profit differ across different shop chains, shop concepts or shop profiles?

Monitor & Improve KPIs

  • Profitability by product type
  • Profit over time
  • Profitability by market

Required Data Attributes

  • Sales date (date)
  • Store Chain (string)
  • Store Chain Group (string)
  • Store Concept (string)
  • Volume (numeric)
  • Price (numeric)
  • Discounts (numeric)
  • Product Name (string)
  • Cost of goods sold - COGS (numeric)
  • NIE volume (numeric)
  • NIE value Sales (numeric)


Supports data mapping


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