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Sales Cloud Opportunities

by Biztory


The Accelerator for Sales Cloud Opportunities provides sales and success leaders with a clear picture of where the opportunities are in their business so that they can make critical decisions about where to focus time and efforts – and where to make different choices. This Accelerator connects natively to Sales Cloud, and its insights include overall performance, pipeline and distribution of open opportunities across the sales funnel and customer base, and lost opportunities.

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Answer Key Business Questions

  • What is sales performance this year? How many opportunities have we closed, and what’s the value to our company?
  • How many opportunities are currently open, and what’s the value?
  • What’s the distribution of pipeline across our sales cycle, industries and team?
  • What customers have we gained, and which have we lost?

Monitor and Improve KPIs

  • No. of Opportunities Won
  • No. of Opportunities Lost
  • Opportunities Value
  • Opportunities Avg Value (won)
  • Opportunities Avg Value (lost)
  • No. of Open Opportunities
  • Pipeline Value coming, Quarters, months and weeks
  • YoY movement both numerical and as a percentage change

Required Data Attributes

The data for this Accelerator come directly from Sales Cloud. You can edit the data source to connect to your own instance. If your instance has been modified, you’ll need to map to the data objects and fields below. Objects:

  • Opportunity
  • Account
  • User

Fields used from these objects:

  • Account Name
  • Account ID
  • Industry
  • Close Date
  • Closed (T/F)
  • Opportunity ID
  • Stage
  • Full Name
  • User ID
  • Amount (numeric)


Connects to Salesforce
Supports data mapping


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