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Customer Support Package Trends

by The Information Lab


The Accelerator for Customer Support Package trends provides insights into how your customers are consuming support packages: you can see distribution amongst your clients on a Contract, Product or Account Manager level, which enables you to make informed decisions about which customers you should pursue to purchase support packages.

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Answer Key Business Questions

  • How does contract value differ across the package we offer and between our segments?
  • What is the trend over time of the number of contracts in different contract levels?
  • Which of our biggest clients have contracts without support packages?

Monitor and Improve KPIs

  • Contract value by package types and monthly change
  • Number of contacts by package types and monthly change

Required Data Attributes

  • Account manager (string)
  • Client name/id (string)
  • Contract ID (string)
  • Product ID (string)
  • Segment (string)
  • Category (string)
  • Level of package (string)
  • Line value (float)
  • Snapshot date (date)


Supports data mapping


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