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Sales Performance

by SpringML


The Accelerator for Sales Performance depicts monthly revenue achievement towards a specific quota (performance.) It provides immediate visibility into quota performance for regions, territories and sellers. The Performance Comparison dashboard provides year over year context for performance.

SpringML built this Accelerator to adapt easily to commonly used Sales data models, and it can be adapted easily for Sales Cloud, as well. Get in touch with SpringML's sales analytics experts to find out how they can help you.

Watch SpringML's Webinar on the Sales Performance Accelerator

Answer Key Business Questions

  • How is sales performance achievement compared to prior periods?
  • How do my sales teams rank against each other?
  • Which sellers are the highest performers?
  • Which sellers or teams consistently exceed quotas?
  • Are assigned quotas realistic for associates?

Monitor and Improve KPIs

  • Median attainment
  • Median performance %
  • % of associates meeting quota
  • Associate rank
  • Performance vs Median