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Plan Cloud Migrations with TabMove

by Biztory


The hardest part of any new initiative is knowing where to start, and Biztory's TabMove Accelerator enables you to estimate the level-of-effort for your Server to Tableau Cloud migration by identifying seven components of your Server environment.

You can download and use this workbook for free. With Biztory's years of experience in hundreds of deployments, they've developed a "Swiss Army Knife" solution to migrate you to Tableau Cloud faster and easier.

Throughout development, TabMove has been tested and improved to fulfill the various needs that might surface in the context of a migration from Tableau Server (on-premise) to Tableau Cloud. As such, the cases we used as a baseline are representative of both common and complex migration scenarios.

Connect directly with Biztory to learn more about their expertise and how they can help you.

Data Strategy

You don't need to connect to any data sources to use this Accelerator: it's a guided user experience in which you input attributes of your Tableau Server deployment, and then the Estimator quantifies an approximate level of effort for your deployment.

Inputs you'll need to estimate prior

  • No need to be precise, but you need estimates.
  • How many sites are in use on Tableau Server?
  • How many users are present on Tableau Server?
  • How many workbooks and data sources have been published to Tableau Server?
  • What is the total size of the workbooks and data sources on Tableau Server?
  • How many scheduled tasks do you have on Tableau Server?
  • How many major data bases, warehouses, or data source types are you connecting to from the workbooks/data sources present on your Tableau Server?
  • Do you use any data sources that are hosted privately (on-premise, VPC) with Tableau Server?


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