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Public Sector

GridPulse – am Puls des Energieverbrauchs

by Slalom

Überwache Verbrauch, Kosten, Einsparungen & Umweltauswirkungen

GridPulse - Optimize the Heartbeat of Energy Consumption

by Slalom

Track energy consumption, costs, savings, & environmental impact for transparency

Emergency Calls

by Tableau

Assess & Improve your efficiency in handling emergency calls

Budget Controlling

by Tableau

Monitor, track, and manage financial performance and expenditures vs budget

Citizen Service Requests

by Tableau

Assess & Improve your ability to handle Citizen Service Requests

Grant Allocation

by Tableau

Assess the allocation of grants: by program, by activity, by state

Risk Register

by Tableau

Assess your current exposure to risks

Academic Admissions

by Tableau

Assess where you are in your admissions process and how it has developed over the past few weeks

Power Grid Connections

by Tableau

Assess & Improve your ability to handle requests related to Power Grid connections

Students at Risk Accelerator

by Datatelligent

Identifies students who may be at risk for not continuing school based on custom risk factors

Aceleración de Ventas

by Ennube

Analiza cuántas actividades se necesitan para cerrar una venta

Executive KPI Scorecard

by Biztory

Analyze the critical data across your business in one scorecard

Sales Acceleration

by Ennube

Analyze how many activities it takes to close a sale

Tableau Cloud Migration Scope Evaluator

by USEReady

Expedite migration from Tableau on-prem to Tableau Cloud while automating steps in the framework

Salesforce Data Cloud Service Accelerator

by Atrium

Unify customer data to enable quick case resolution in Service Cloud & improve customer satisfaction

Emission Insights

by Devoteam

Track & analyze CO2 emissions relative to your reduction targets

Quality Care Analytics

by InterWorks

Analyses the results of Care Quality Commission audits of healthcare settings in the UK.

Motor Vehicle Incident & Crash Metrics

by Tableau

Insights into car crash incidences and public services responsiveness

Child Welfare Intelligence

by Tableau

Monitor and analyze child welfare cases and incidents

Cannabis Inspections

by Tableau

Insights into inspections across all areas of cannabis production

Fraud, Waste, and Abuse


Monitor and predict fraudulent submissions for claims benefits