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Human Resources


by Tableau

エグゼクティブ リーダーのための自社組織の概要 (Tableau On Tableau)

People Overview

by Tableau

First stop for executive leadership to learn about the makeup of their organizations

NPS - Net Promoter Score

by Tableau

Understand how customers rate their experiences with your company

HR Expenses

by Tableau

Assess & monitor employee expenses

Business Travel (Hotel)

by Tableau

Assess & Optimize the volume of spend associated with hotel bookings

Business Travel (Air)

by Tableau

Assess & Optimize the volume of spend associated with air travel

Budget Controlling

by Tableau

Monitor, track, and manage financial performance and expenditures vs budget

Likert Scale

by Tableau

Measure attitudes and opinions

Occupational Health And Safety

by Tableau

Provide a safer workplace for workers


by Tableau

Assess the number of employees you have


by Tableau

Assess the composition of your workforce. Measure and predict employee churn.

HR Diversity Scorecard

by Lovelytics

Get insights into the diversity of your organization—and employee satisfaction by cohort.

Executive KPI Scorecard

by Biztory

Analyze the critical data across your business in one scorecard


by Tableau


Gender Representation in the Workplace

by Slalom UK

How diverse is your workplace, and how do salaries differ by gender?

Absence Management

by The Information Lab

Insights into employee absences and causes for unplanned leave across your business.

Recruiting Efficiency

by InterWorks

Examines recruiting efficiency by analyzing the time to fill open positions.

Executive KPIs

by Cleartelligence

Actionable KPIs for executives and finance leaders

Workforce Planning

by Billigence

Find out quickly how your workforce--and salary expenditures--are changing.