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Recruiting Efficiency

by InterWorks


The Accelerator for Recruiting Efficiency provides insights into the health of your hiring practices by analyzing the time to fill open positions. Offering multiple time periods and drill-down options, users can diagnose anomalies and inefficiencies in the recruiting process. Users can see whether recruiting is trending faster or slower than in previous periods and spot particular phases, departments, or recruiters that are taking longer than others.

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Answer Key Business Questions

  • How long does it take to fill open positions?
  • How do recent hiring timelines compare to prior hiring timelines?
  • Which phases of your application process take the longest?
  • Which departments and recruiters fill the fastest? The slowest?
  • Which applicants experienced the fastest hiring timelines? The slowest? Why?

Monitor and Improve KPIs

  • Average fill time (job vacant to offer accepted)
  • Change from prior period
  • Total applicants
  • Days per phase
  • Acceptance rate

Required Data Attributes

  • Applicant id (string)
  • Applicant first name (string)
  • Applicant last name (string)
  • Application date (date)
  • Hire date (date)
  • Job vacant date (date)
  • Hired (string or boolean)
  • Department (string)
  • Recruiter (string)
  • Job title (string)
  • Application phase (string)
  • Phase open date (date)
  • Days in phase (integer)
  • Distinct applicants (integer)


Supports data mapping


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