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Snowflake Platform Monitoring

按 Actinvision


The Accelerator for Snowflake Platform Monitoring provides you with all the key metrics you need to manage the cost and usage of Snowflake. You can identify

  • The most resource consuming warehouses in your deployment
  • Credit consumption relative to your contract terms
  • Overall usage patterns--what's working well, and what isn't

This Accelerator connects natively to your Snowflake deployment: edit the data source to enter your own credentials. Get in touch with Actinvision for help with your analytics and data strategy needs.

Answer Key Business Questions

  • How many credits have I used?
  • How are credits used?
  • When are credits consumed?
  • Do I have enough credits for my use of Snowflake?

Monitor and Improve KPIs

  • Credits used in EUR
  • % of Contract Credits consumed
  • # Days Left before Contract Renewal
  • # Credits Used
  • Resources On/Off

Required Data Attributes

Instructions for connecting directly to your own instance of Snowflake are included in the workbook. Database storage usage history fields

  • Database Name
  • Average database Bytes

SNF usage Cost

  • Measure Type
  • Name
  • Usage Date
  • Credits Used
  • Euro Used

Warehouse Metering History

  • Start Time
  • Warehouse Name
  • Credit Used


连接到 Snowflake



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