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ShowMeMore 2.0

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The ShowMeMore extension for Tableau fills in the blanks when you need to embed visualization types not present in the default Tableau “Show me” set.

Always wanted to embed an interactive Sankey diagram to visualize flows? In urgent need for a flexible Radar Chart in your HR dashboards? Visualize a dynamic Network Graph in your Tableau dashboard to illustrate your department structure? No problem with the Show me more extension for Tableau!

This extension offers various extra visualization types not being present in the Tableau “Show me” pane.

Create beautiful new visuals in Tableau with just a few clicks!

Tableau guides you towards best practice visualizations with the excellent “Show me” button but what if you need a different type of graph in your dashboard? Creating new visualizations can be challenging… ShowMeMore enables you to serve new graph types to your customers special needs!

  • Instant access to new visualizations in Tableau
  • Autosuggest the best visualization type
  • Interact with sheets, filters, parameters and highlights
  • No programming skills – drag and drop

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Learn more about the ShowMeMore extension here.

Learn how to quickly set it up with our Product Guide.


The free version of this extension is limited to 1 ShowMeMore extension to your dashboard. To experience the fully functional extension, request your free trial here:

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Tech Specifications

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Works with
Tableau 2018.2 and later
Tableau Public (2020.1 and later)


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