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Kinetica Geospatial Visualization

by Kinetica

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The Kinetica Geospatial Visualization for Tableau harnesses the power of Kinetica's server-side geospatial rendering to deliver virtually unlimited scale of geospatial visualization in Tableau. Link the extension to a geospatial table in Kinetica and choose from several rendering options, like discrete features or heatmap, and customize the colors as desired. Visualize points, polygons, and time-ordered traces on a default or custom basemap of your choosing. When used in conjunction with Kinetica’s ODBC/JDBC connector, filters applied in Tableau will propagate to the extension's visualization automatically. Clicking on an area will open a pop-up with detailed table information about the features near the point of interest.

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Tech Specifications

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Works with

Tableau 2018.2 and later

License Required

A license is required to use this extension beyond its trial

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