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Do you want your dashboards to comply to your corporate identity or just want to create stunning dashboards? So far, static background images were used to make dashboards look better. However, a big disadvantage of using images is that when you’re rescaling the dashboards, the image proportions are not correct anymore. With this user friendly extension, all styled containers remain scalable and can be changed at any moment! You can even apply a new design to all containers with a single click. Never underestimate the power of a good looking and consistent (corporate) dashboard!


Design your dashboards without using photoshop or image manipulation. Have your Corporate Identity propagate throughout your dashboards, quickly synchronize the layout over multiple containers and fully customize the way your dashboard looks. All governed and secured in Tableau!

Drag the extension in your dashboard. Double click on the container to configure the layout. Select synchronize layout if needed and set up a custom dashboard layout in only a minute!

Create your Corporate Identity

Once you have created your desired layout, synchronize and share your results with your colleagues! In the Presets tab, themes can be saved and loaded/restored. To have a professional and consistent look at your dashboard, use a Preset file to load in your Corporate Identity. Use synchronize settings to update all containers that have these settings enabled. Changing your brand (i.e., a background color) can become very tedious when having many dashboards. Not anymore! Save your template centrally on your server and update all dashboards by only replacing or editing this file. 


In the Inspiration section, you can play around with the default themes. Use this to set up a nice container or get some inspiration quickly. Use presets to load and store all settings. Default settings can be imported and used to sync settings over multiple containers, this way all containers look the same!

Get Started!

Learn more about the EasyDesigns extension here.

Learn how to quickly set it up with our Product Guide.


The free version of this extension is limited to two EasyDesigns containers to your dashboard. To experience the fully functional extension, request your free trial here: https://appsfortableau.infotopics.com/request-free-trial/

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