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Vagaro Business Performance

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Vagaro's Tableau Accelerator for Business Performance provides a comprehensive dashboard that summarizes all your multi-location data, including sales, appointments, customers, and providers. This Accelerator, which connects directly to customers' Vagaro systems, enables you to make informed decisions about your company by understanding where customers are engaging, how overall sales and performance are trending, and where you have opportunities to improve.

Data Strategy

This Accelerator is designed to work natively with Vagaro's Data Lake. Get more information directly from Vagaro.

Answer Key Business Questions

  • What are my sales from all of my locations?
  • Which location has have the most sales?
  • Who are my top customers?
  • How many appointments did my enterprise have year to date?

Monitor and Improve KPIs

  • Total Appointments
  • Total Appointment Value
  • Cancellations & No-Shows
  • Service Completed %
  • %OnlineBooked
  • Total Sales
  • Credit Card Sales
  • Cash Sales
  • Product Sales
  • Service Sales